Honoré Didden

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 Honoré Didden

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Artist Statement

My work focuses on the exploration of subcutaneous communication and the sending of double messages between humans. From an early age, I have been fascinated by the way people respond to ambivalent signals in their interactions with one another. This interest has become the driving force behind my artistic practice, as I seek to uncover the various ways that people deal with subtle hints in their conscious and unconscious communication.

In my work, I strive to reveal the answers to these questions as clearly and accurately as possible through powerful imagery. To achieve this, I rely on the naked human body as a key element in my compositions. By carefully controlling the shape and perspective of the body, I am able to depict the smallest of details, such as a bemused hand movement or a quivering nostril, with great precision.

I also strive to avoid cliches and references to well-known icons in my work, as I believe that this would detract from the message that I am trying to convey. Instead, I focus on creating original, thought-provoking images that urge viewers to consider the complexities of human communication and relationships. My ambition is to create beautiful yet abrasive works that leave viewers moved after encountering them.